The Kortum Technique, by John Christopher Kortum

The Kortum Technique

The Kortum Technique is a visual assessments process that decodes the human body’s integral language for health and healing.

The Kortum Technique

How to access the human body's natural blueprint for health and healing

What if your awareness of health is not the only one? Suppose all the ways you’ve educated yourself about diet, exercise, fitness, supplements, medical information, environmental toxins, emotional release, meditative or spiritual practices, and family health history, represent only a fraction of your well being? The latest insights from fitness experts, nutrition specialist, and medical science will simply comb these same regions of health over and again. While most people include these variables in their daily health routines, is it possible your map to wellness and longevity remains incomplete?

Most of my clients avoided GMO foods, gluten, red meat, alcohol, tobacco, and embraced whole foods, botanical remedies, juicing, acupuncture, yoga or meditation, but that didn’t guarantee their wellness. It matters not what people do: illness persists. Rather than get to the heart of the health, people often manage symptoms through medications, natural products, or avoiding certain foods. Many are left with the disempowered prognosis of “why me?” But what if the human body knew why?

John’s breakthrough text introduces the fundamental sensory framework necessary to identify health imbalances through biological intuition. He explains how his visual assessment process (biological perception) was evaluated in a clinical environment, diagrams the biological matrix of organ indicators, and recounts his discovery of  human biology’s hidden consciousness for healing.

Foreword by Beth Renne’, MSN, ANP-C.
Preface by Leonard Wisneski, MD, FACP.

Clinical observation and evaluation of John’s biological perception was conducted at Wyngate Medical Park in Bethesda, Maryland.


John Kortum

Biological intuitive consultant, author, teacher, and speaker. He travels the world sharing his technique with people of all backgrounds. Bring John to your next event.
“Although the patient had no signs, symptoms or discomfort, there is no other way I would have known this woman had ovarian cancer except to observe her face and follow the thread. I ordered the CA 125 test and results confirmed my perception. I think you’ve offered an amazing tool to the field of medicine.”
Laurin Bellg, MD
Critical Care Physician at Fox Valley Pulmonary Medicine

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