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In 1971 John Kortum discovered the human body’s organic way of communicating health imbalances and disease patterns. He didn’t look into the body like an MRI or X-ray and he didn’t see chakras or auras. Instead he recognized textures when he looked at people’s faces that related to biology.

John spent his youth translating these textures and searched for why the body created an unusual universal code of health. He entered university when he came of age to understand the body’s peculiar idiom but instead found a system of education resistant to examine our species’ own biological intelligence. He departed academic study to cultivate his awareness of health. Without training, research grants, or laboratory technologies he traveled the globe and correlated the body’s information across populations. He found these textures were a foundation to the body’s own language of health which led to a coherent anatomical vocabulary.

In 2001 John introduced our biological consciousness to the U.S. healthcare system. Tasked over sixteen months by a Clinical Professor of Medicine at George Washington University Medical Center in private clinical practice to identify already diagnosed illnesses, John evaluated patients who could not communicate their aches, pains, complaints, symptoms, lifestyles, or health histories. He demonstrated 93% accuracy for correctly identifying health imbalances by simply looking at people.

Overtime, his biological perception evolved into the ability to dialogue with human anatomy—a form of medical transference. These conversations revealed never-heard-before conversation to supports people’s return to health. In his book The Kortum Technique: How to Access the Human Body’s Natural Blueprint for Health and Healing he describes the process of evaluation and introduces details about the body’s intelligence. The Kortum Technique is a term adopted by licensed medical practitioners that observed John’s clinical performance.

John has evaluated the health of Fortune 500 executives, schoolteachers, celebrities, plumbers, surgeons, bus drivers, strategic U.S. military officers, librarians, spiritual teachers, artists, IT analysts, and midwives. He meets with clients around the world to empower their awareness of health and works with physicians to improve their diagnostic accuracy in private medical practice.

John has conducted live demonstrations of his medical perception on national news and television programs.


John Kortum

Biological intuitive consultant, author, teacher, and speaker. He travels the world sharing his technique with people of all backgrounds. Bring John to your next event.
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“This is remarkable that you can tell health imbalances just by looking at people.”
Dr. Mehmet Oz
The Dr. OZ Show

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