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A consultation with John is a lifelong investment in your wellbeing.

John prefers to meet with people face to face since it provides the optimal setting for evaluating health and biology. Recent global health concerns and remote geographic locations now necessitate the need for some people to meet with John over the Internet.

Internet meetings can be an initial consultation or for those who’ve already had an in-person consultation with John. The information revealed during your initial visit is reviewed and compared to your current position of health. Internet meetings are best if you’re already aware of your health situation and the body organ(s) or system(s) you want to explore.

To best overcome the limitations of the Internet please send images of you in an email. See below for photographic examples of the kind of images to send. Be sure to send a close up, waist up, and full body front and back.

Online Meetings

Fee: $495

Duration: 60 Minutes

Internet Consultation includes:

    • Evaluate organ indicators as best as VOIP image clarity allows
    • Identifying motivations for imbalances
    • Interpretation of your body’s information for restoring health
    • The opportunity to ask questions

Do not disclose any information about your health in email or prior to meeting with John.

See below for examples of images to send.

Please provide a frontal head shot, upper waist and face, and full body – front and back.

Look directly into the camera with even lighting, wear solid color clothing or subtle patterns, little or no makeup, remove eye glasses, keep background simple and not busy or cluttered, don’t wear a hooded shirts, hats or jewelry. Make sure all of your face and head appear in the image. If your hair is long put up or pull back in the front photograph and in the full body backside photo arrange hair so your back and shoulders are clearly visible. 

Disclaimer: The quality of Video Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) doesn’t provide the best clarity of image for evaluations. John’s ability to detect human biology is a highly sensitive skill and individual results will vary based on image clarity that your webcam provides and images you send.


John Kortum

Biological intuitive consultant, author, teacher, and speaker. He travels the world sharing his technique with people of all backgrounds. Bring John to your next event.
– Examples of Images to Send –
Brussels, Belgium Oct 9, 2020
Frankfurt, Germany Oct 23, 2020
Philadelphia, PA Oct 22, 2020
Spokane, WA  Oct 27, 2020
Charlotte, NC  Nov 8, 2020
Washington, DC  Nov 07, 2020
Honolulu, HI  Nov 14-16, 2020
Anchorage, AK  Nov 20, 2020
Dallas, TX  Nov 28, 202
Hartford, CT  Nov 29, 2020
Zurich, Switzerland  Dec 1 – 3, 2020
“Before meeting with John, my PSA numbers were consistently high and climbing over the years. I endured two painful biopsies due to an enlarging prostate. During his workshop, John did an impromptu assessment of my health and told me what my prostate had to say. The message was not obvious to me at first, but I soon realized the accuracy and integrated the message into my life. I followed up with John for further insight and without any medications, treatments, diet or lifestyle changes my prostate health returned after six months. All PSA tests have remained in the normal range since 2013.”
Captain Fred Rible
U.S. Navy – Ret. Director of Contracts for Military Sealift Command in the Pacific

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