COVID-19 What Your Body Wants You to Know

As we adjust our social routines during this unprecedented time, an empowering opportunity comes forth—to hear human biology’s own testimony of immunity health.

In the absence of any effective bio-technologies, our primary response to reduce the harmful effects of COVID-19 is human behavior-social distancing. However, the body holds a much bigger connection between health and human behavior then most people realize.

Over the past twenty years I’ve translated the body’s natural intelligence for conventionally licensed medical doctors in clinical practice. These translations resulted in people’s return to health without medications, treatments, or diet, fitness, and lifestyle changes. In the wake of such change, a profound shift in health awareness emerges.

While COVID-19 often brings respiratory symptoms, the body asks us to look well beyond logic-based thinking into deeper constructs. In my conversations with human biology, immunity strength is anchored by the blood and lymphatic system. The key to blood/lymph health can be expressed in a single word—Intimacy!

Human blood/lymph holds our capacity for closeness, connection, and quality thereof during our lifetime. Most people consider intimacy in terms of romance or physical act of intercourse. Some believe closeness is only achieved by the presence of others, and yes, as social creatures much of our intimacy is harvested by our collective interactions.

Our blood/lymph ask for attention during this transformative time. As I have worked with people who have blood illnesses and autoimmune disease, an underlying theme in all their lives is the shield to intimacy they bare—great or small, conscious or unaware. If intimacy relies solely on close contact with people, then social distance or isolation means intimacy is unavailable. This approach to intimacy forever depends on conditions outside of us—what we cannot control. The body affirms true health always comes from within. You do not need to be in a marriage, partnership, or surrounded by others to experience healthy intimacy every day. Therefore, married or single, individual or with family, flexing your muscles of intimacy right now is paramount for health. Otherwise blood/lymph can stagnate and immunity weakens—unwanted presences are free to roam the body system at will.

Intimacy in the utmost sense is measured by our capacity to cause others to feel and our capacity to allow others to cause us to feel. During this period of social precautions or self-quarantine, you can support your blood/lymph health by reaching out to people in your lives without physical closeness. Whether by telephone or Internet video, now is the time to deepen the relationship with your family, or reconnect with friends and loved ones you’ve lost touch or become estranged. Since most people are doing so already, the body’s message is to be aware how these connections fortify your blood/lymph!

True health comes from within, so now is also the time to embrace YOU! Cause yourself to feel. Engage activities and ideas that bring you joy—listen to music that evokes fond memories, watch movies that stir your heart with passion, write poetry, play a musical instrument, create arts and craft with your hands, revisit photo albums with fulfilling times in your life, cook your favorite meals, plant flowers or garden—it really doesn’t matter what it is, so long as it brings joy and causes you to feel! Yet do so consciously and in the most loving of ways. If you simply act to pass the time, go through the motions, or keep occupied with tasks to avoid your feelings, you will undermine blood/lymph vitality.

Conscious lasting expressions of joy flex your muscles of intimacy and immunity. At the same time, you will also fortify the blood/lymph health of any person that you cause to flex and feel. You can easily empower your intimacy, while honoring the boundaries set forth by federal, state, and local authorities. Furthermore, your body recommends active intimacy long after COVID-19 has left our world to sustain a lifetime of blood health and optimal immunity function!

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John Kortum

Biological intuitive consultant, author, teacher, and speaker. He travels the world sharing his technique with people of all backgrounds. Bring John to your next event.